13 June, 2008


Trust yourself, even if you make a mistake, it will be one that will teach you. It'll also help you avoid that same pitfall next time.
I try to trust myself, but there's so many consideration to take it. should i? i know each of the risks that i'll take, and it's properly happen for the person who want to learn.

Making choices about your life based on what you think other people want you to do is not only unhealthy, it's unwise.
Unhealthy i agree. Unwise??? it's hard to take into account bout wise or not, because what you think and done will involve people you love.

No one knows what is best for you better than you "yourself", so stop listening to the know it alls who just love to hear themselves talk.
Is it? Sometimes God give you sign to rethink again for what you'll do. And sometimes God give the way that you don't fully like, not to hurt you. Trust it!

Independent thinking is not only healthy, it is wise!
Is it???Healthy not to hurt yourself, but could it call wise if hurt some people?

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