15 August, 2005

...too much inspirations...

need a long time to refresh myself from lots of activities.
feel so bored? not yet! feel so empty? yup!sometimes, but too many people refill my heart ( i really really luv them all :D).
feel so stuck?seems too, cos i can't wrote my journal as usually. actually too much inspirations in my mind, but work 'n busy make me feel so tired. almost one month i don't wrote anything, even a poem!!!

wuuuaaaahhh....i've reading almost 5 books(200-400 pages/book) for a half month, huahaha...(this is a new record 4 me)
i just read an interest book, "CUCU WISNUSARMAN". what a great book! ( cukup menyentil diri sndiri deh).

ding! dong!
today i have a message from someone. nice message :)long message but make my day shiny :D
eh ini message-nya : "then sun don't need light to brighten up the day nor the moon and stars who need the sun its self gives the light, open up ur heart n see u r the sun its self".

hehehe...maaf yagh pmirsa klo bhs inggrisnya kacau bgt, lg latian niiiy..
mau ngasih masuk new posting sih, tapi masih tersusun di otak, blom di tuang ke kompi.hehe...
doakan saya ya... /(^_^)\

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