31 October, 2007

books conversation [dialog aku-buku]

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Damn all the good books,
They call out my name,
I reach out to read them all,
Falling flat on my face with shame,
The timeless classics Don Quixote would say,
The newfound glories, Clancy and James Frey,
The poets like Poe and Dickinson
Ms. Emily I feel your pain
But I haven't the time To read every non-rhyme
and clear the shelves of Humor,
Mystery, History, Architecture
and all the good books call out my name
"Bend my sheath." "Break my spine."
"Get familiar with me."
I haven't the time.
Damn all the good books!

this poem i take from goodreads
wrote by Gabe from Colorado,
it remind me how all my books
where still i put on the box
hasn't finish yet read by me.
when i come home after get
hectic from office 'n trap in a traffic of Jakarta,
i just can see them wrapped on boxes in my room.
just take it for a second saw them crying and said
"why you don't ever read me for a while?"
"touch me and see, you'll get anything where
you never get it before"
"soeltra, i think you like exploring anytime
anywhere, so why don't you read me?
come..'n being my friend again.
i miss some of conversation with you"

and remember my old poem i ever wrote:

buku buku di kamarku menjerit
setelah sebelumnya selalu menyapa
dengan senyum dan tawa di sampulnya
tapi aku selalu saja lupa

ya..aku selalu saja lupa
bahwa mereka adalah penyempurna jiwa,
juga pengobat rasa

lalu kusampaikan pembenaran kepada mereka
bacaan yang paling penting adalah bacaan hidup
buku yang paling berharga adalah hidup itu sendiri

dan mereka menjawab
dan kau menemui hidup hidup yang lain pada kami
bukan hanya hidupmu
hidup yang lebih lengkap
yang mungkin tak pernah kau alami
atau kau dapatkan dimana pun

buku buku menutup percakapan dengan kalimat
"maukah kau tetap menjadi temanku?"

and finally!
last monday i move to a place nearby office,
rent a room 'n pick up some of my books.
on my new place i just spend 20 minutes on the way
to go to the office 'n no traffic!
the result: for this two days
i've been chatting with two of them.
how grateful my life, how lucky me!
time for waiting traffic for almost 4 hours,
i can substitute it for reading
on my new room...my new room,
small but i just like in heaven.


  1. Ah senangnya....
    Punya waktu luang utk membaca... :D

  2. welcome back, mbak soeltra. been waiting for ur new post for ages! :)

    i just move too recently. not like u, instead of the damn books, i read an army. yes, an army, a "frightening" person living next door to my room. i know that it is not as advantageous as ur books, but at least i read something, ups! i mean someone. :D

  3. 4 pyuriko:
    iyaa..senang skalii..hehehe..iko gmn?klo sy spakat dgn pndapatnya Ali syariati: buku itu obatnya pikiran :)

    4 nadhif:
    bknkah dmnpun kita bs membaca & dr apapun itu,tmsk tentara itu.tp membaca manusia itu lbh sulit, hehe...

  4. pada akhirnya, saya juga ingin bertanya..
    "maukah kau tetap menjadi temanku?"
    *halahhh.. :D

  5. 4 k' arham:
    lalu sy pun menjawab
    "teman yang baik itu seperti bintang, jauh tapi menerangi dan menemani diri di kedalaman". Dengan doa2 yg sering terpanjat insyaAllah hati msg2 akan terikat,yeahh!!!


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