14 May, 2005

friends i miss u all...i feel mellow now

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When we met light was shed
Thoughts free flow u said u’ve got something
Deep inside of u
These secret garden beams changed my life so it seems
Fall breeze blows outside I don’t bring stride
My thought are warm and they go
Deep inside of u
I’ve never felt alone
Till I met u
I’m alright on my own
Till I met u
And I don’t know what to do if I just knew what’s coming
I would change myself if I could
I’d walk with my own people if I could find them
And I would say that I’m sorry to u
I’m sorry to u but I don’t want to call u
But then I want to call u cos I don’t want to crush u
But I feel like crushing u ‘n it’s true
I took for granted u were with me

Ps : tiba-tiba lagi suka potongan lagu ini
Feel so close to me now.
Hayyo…tebak2an siapa yg tau ini lagu?

Something’s gone u withdraw and I’m not strong like before
I was deep inside of u
I can go nowhere I burn candles ‘n stare at a ghost
Deep inside of u
And some great need in me, starts to bled
I’ve lost myself there’s nothing left, it’s all gone
Deep inside of u

Ps : duh…lagi mellow aja nih…
Cmon learn how 2 control ur heart ‘n control ur mind!
Learn 2 understanding people ‘n saw d problems comprehensively

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