29 August, 2007


this week i'll get lot of surprise /(^_^)\ (i think ;)
how happy me...

first, my buddies will come to my city from Makassar, name Igu 'n Fandi.
Best friends when i'm being student at Unhas (kukuruyuuuuuuukk!!!)
at the same time i've plan to go to TIM on Sunday, attending launching of Tabloid Parle. Seems nice weekend to go there after long time get lil bit sick last weekend.
And..i'll take them to go there, hihihi... Ali, we'll being like Meteor Garden again (hahaha..hallahh!!!) minus Apip (huhuhu..)

second, old friends invite me to join our gathering. Yap!!! HEDS crew, many of them are in Jakarta for this week. Cipu, Bell, K' Iin, K' Rina, and all. Can't hardly wait meet all of you ;) on Saturday, i can join that cos my boss postpone the meeting 'n i'm still free, not teaching yet (cipu, u'll be so happy bud to hear this,hihi...)

third, i'll gathering with my senior high school classmates. miss them all lot..lots of..

yuhuuu...wish i'll get better soon to join it. i'll finish my work soon 'n meet them.

have great time too for all of you..

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